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A bit about me.

My educational background is in photography, travel, and hospitality. I’ve also got several certifications in various things.  I studied abroad on a scholarship for 2 months in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been to: Ireland(the republic), Italy(Rome,Pompeii),England(London,Kent,Falmouth),Haiti(Labadee),Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Netherlands(Rotterdam,Amsterdam), Denmark(Copenhagen), France(Arles,Marseilles,Paris), Iceland(Reykjavik), Germany(Berlin), Spain(Barcelona), Mexico(Cancun)The only states in USA I’ve NEVER been to are: Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont, Virginia. I have lived in: Minnesota, Washington state, Alaska, Texas, Dublin Ireland, and Arizona.

I am starting this blog because I want to share tidbits of knowledge I’ve gained from my travels. I am a paraplegic, but this isn’t necessarily a disability travel blog. I will, however, work to make my sites and information as disability/accessibility friendly as I can once I get further into it. I will need assistance with that when the time comes, but I will make it happen, if you know how to do that contact me!

I hope to be very to the point, rather than excessively detailed.  It is my hope that this will be a valuable resource for (PWD) people with disabilities wanting to travel, but I likely won’t veer into the territory of going to a place and fully explaining the access(feel free to contact me with those questions though!).  I am not a stickler for grammar or punctuation, but I will try to be more diligent with it as I’m writing out all my information. One thing is for sure I’ll post both positive and negative things I experienced.

PWD, their friends and family members can all come here and gain a bit of insight. I am additionally referring to this blog as take 10, in hopes that if you see my blog you can take ten tips and use them to enrich your travel experiences.

The photos I post here are copyrighted.  Please don’t try and steal them. Go out, explore, and take your own unique photos to enjoy.


I hope one day soon(while I’m still able) to meet people to travel with me. If you see my blog, or my photography work, and have an interest in what I am doing, or have questions on a place that I can maybe answer, please get in touch!



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