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Take Ten. Pt.1


DC Capitol


If you want to see:

Bog Bodies: stop in Dublin, Ireland National Museum of Archaeology on Kildare Street. There is no elevator in the museum to see upper levels though.


plaster preserved bodies of Pompeii: at the entrance to Pompeii

  • Also note: there is at least one company that I know of that will take PWD on ATV up Mt. Vesuvius.
  • Also note: there is an amphitheater on site at Pompeii, the entrance is gravel, and may be steep for some but I found to be quite manageable traveling with a companion.

I have found wheelchair stair lifts:

While going into the Sistine Chapel from the Vatican.

In the entrance to Washington DC Capitol building on a tour set up by the office of your congressional representative. On These tours there are instructions as to which entrance to use. (Remember to inform the staffer that organizes your tour if you’ve got mobility needs.)

On a staircase to go down to the water in Copenhagen when I rode on a boat tour.

At the entrance to get into St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

At Kilkenny Castle, Ireland. When being brought, on class tour, to a connecting building to watch a video prior to the tour.

  • Also note: In the Vatican, DC Capitol, and Kilkenny Castle, there was someone there to operate the lift(security guard at Vatican and DC Capitol)
  • Also note: Once inside the DC Capitol you go through security.
  • Also note: At the Vatican, the security guard prefers you let those exiting Sistine chapel leave first as the hallway is narrow.
  • Also note: If you have a heavy motorized chair, you may be denied access to use these lifts. I saw it happen to someone at Sistine chapel.



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