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Its been awhile.

So since my last post, I’ve moved and several other things.  I’ve gotten my new wheelchair(1.5 years of waiting, more on that later) I got a new(used) van, I turned 30 and took a trip to Seattle, I took my dad to the Superbowl 52,I joined a Paralympic shooting club and had my first Paralympic style competition- to name a few.

I will update about those soon.

Anyway, I wanted to update with some things for those that check me out for travel goodies.  So for my first post in the new year, I’ll try putting in a nice variety.

  1. Amsterdam buildings: Check them out along the water, they tilt forward. This was to help get things lifted to the top floor without scratching the building, as the stairs were narrow and in the canal city it was especially difficult to do so.


2.Seattle currently is working on the Space Needle. This will be going on for the next year. Currently (February) this means that the ADA lift to take you completely outside is not functioning and there is a lot of scaffolding. The needle is still operational though, on and off, and the restrooms at the top work.

3. The National Park service operates Ford’s theater and the Petersen house, where Lincoln was shot and died. This means they are classified as national parks. If you have a disability, check out the national parks golden access pass. Also, the gun that killed him is on display at the Ford’s museum.

4. The car that JFK was in when assassinated is now on display in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.

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