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I’ve decided to give crowdfunding a shot. I want to try and raise money to donate an action track chair, made locally, to my local American Legion in MN.  They have chairs,crutches, walkers, etc. that are donated, but used by others and the wheelchairs are mostly for kids, and all are your average chairs that can only do so much.

Over Christmas, nearly every year, around town people will always ask “where is so and so?” and you will often hear back, “well, ya know, they had that stroke..” or they are of a certain age, or they got a sudden illness, or whatever the case may be.  Many of the people in the community are elderly, their children moved away long ago for more opportunity elsewhere.

to me, none of this means they need to be isolated.

When you’re from here, having lived a certain amount of years often means you’ve been in the military, or a farmer, or you’ve spent a lot of time as a hunter or fisherman, living very active lives.

So for me, I gave the suggestion that they should try to support local. To try and raise money to purchase one of these outdoor recreation chairs, created in a city 20 miles away.

I then realized I’ve got the time, and I know many available options, so why not give it a shot?


I know crowdfunding works best if people that will benefit from it participate, I have informed a few that I am doing this, but I want to give them a surprise.  I also don’t really want people knowing I’m doing this, it isn’t about me.


Since more of the older population will likely use it, or people who are struggling with health for short or long periods of time, I wanted to give them something that wouldn’t feel like a financial burden but a blessing to help them out.

Any additional money that’d be raised would just be donated to the legion as well.  Unless by some miracle a couple thousand extra was raised and I could also donate a grit freedom chair as well.

So for the next 6 to 8 months, I am going to see how well this crowdfunding goes. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word. During this time I will also be trying to get grants and support from organizations, and will update if that ends up happening.

If this works out, and you’re ever in Southern Minnesota, stop by the legion, ask to check it out!









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